What is more delightful than the voice of the Lord calling us?

    - Prologue of the Rule of St. Benedict

God seeks each of us in a unique way. Each of us Benedictine Sisters at St. Martin Monastery has her own special vocation story. What is your special story?

How can one learn more about the Benedictine Sisters? Answers from Ministry Days Quiz

Question 1 Who is the Father of Western Monasticism? St. Benedict of Nursia is the founder of Western Monasticism. St. Scholastica, his twin sister, became a Benedictine Sister.


Question 2 What is a monastery?A monastery is a dwelling place for persons who embrace the monastic life


Question 3 Is there a women's monastery in the Rapid City Diocese?Yes, St. Martin Monastery is in the Diocese of Rapid City and is the only "formation" house in the Diocese.


Question 4 Who are the Benedictine Sisters of St. Martin?The Benedictine Sisters from Mechahl, Switzerland established St. Martin's in Sturgis, South Dakota in 1889. They are a group of women who follow the Rule of St. Benedict. The main work of the Sisters is the recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours which flows from the daily Mass, Lectio Divina and prayer for others. The Sisters also participate in many other ministries.


Question 5 What is the Charism Statement of the Sisters of St. Martin Monastery? Our Charism Statement is to seek God in the daily rhythm of prayer and work and in obedience, stability and conversion of life in the cenobitic community of St. Martin Monastery. Open to the spirit of the Gospel, we share God's love in simplicity, hospitality and peace.


Question 6 What is the famous Benedictine motto? Ora et Labora (Prayer and Work) is the famous Benedictine motto.


Question 7 Do Monastic Women retire when they reach a certain age? Sometimes a Sister might change from a full time ministry to a volunteer or part time ministry. Since the daily entering into intimacy with God and prayer for the Church and others is the main ministry of our Community, the Sister can focus more on this relationship and ministry. Vocation Discernment Weekend - Vocation Discernment Weekend: Prayer and meals with the Benedictine Sisters, time for discussion and reflection. For women between the ages of 18 and 59. See dates in Events Section.
Cost: No charge

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Sr. Florence and her inspiration
    God has created each person in His great love to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him forever in the next. After a person gets to know Him, to love Him follows but then the question, "How can I use my life and gifts to serve Him" arises. There are many ways to serve Him in any of the three major vocations in life; namely, the single, the married or the consecrated life. Much information regarding the single and married vocation surrounds a person, but unless he or she is associated with a priest or religious, information about the consecrated life needs to be sought in order to be fully open to the options that can lead us to a rewarding life "in this world" in a close relationship with God. God surprises in many ways. Having grown up in the country fifty miles north of Gillette, WY, I had little contact with Sisters. My family arranged for me to attend St. Martin's Academy, then in Sturgis, South Dakota, for my junior and senior high school years. At first I missed my family, horses and ranch activities terribly. It was my first real experience with Sisters and their way of life. I would often think, "Never in my life would I ever be a Sister". But God had other welcoming inspirations for me. Daily Mass, regular prayer, and getting to know the Sister's dedication gradually helped me open up to God's Will for me. I would watch the elderly men and women receive communion during daily Mass and think, "What would I really want to be when I come to the end of my life and enter eternal life?" By the end of my senior year I had made arrangements with the Benedictine Community to enter as a postulant on September 8. However, as August came and my friends were excitedly planning other careers, I began to doubt my choice. Did I really want to give up marriage, ranch life, other careers? Finally, one moonlight night in August I rode my horse Sandy to the top of a high hill north of our place. I went over all the options, I prayed and finally I said to myself, "If I end up living religious life and when dying find out that it was all in vain because God didn't really exist, it won't matter because there will be nothingness; but if I find out that God does really exist, it is worth doing everything for Him". With that grace, I galloped home and began making preparations for my September 8th "date with God"! I have had many wonderful experiences in religious life and eagerly await the full experience of eternal life with God. Sister Florence McManamen, OSB.


Like many of us today, St. Benedict, who lived about 1500 years ago, was searching for God. As a student in Rome, his heart yearned for a deeper relationship with God. He left Rome and lived in a remote cave where he could seek the God who was seeking him. Those days of intense prayer changed Benedict into a mature, compassionate man to whom God entrusted many followers. Together they formed a community in which they could support one another in their search for fulfillment in God


Single, divorced or widowed Catholic women age 18 and older are invited to participate in weekend retreats at St. Martin Monastery. This is an opportunity to “come and see” religious life and community living. Benedictine Weekends are held the 3rd weekend of every month (except June and July.) For more information contact Sr. Mary Wegher at (605) 343-8011 or email her at srmarywegher@yahoo.com.



Spend a weekend. Contact a vocation director and get acquainted.

Become an affiliate when you're ready to begin discernment of a future with us. Meet and correspond with the vocation director and spend time with us occasionally.

Move to the monastery. As a postulant, discover what day-to-day life on the "inside" is like. You may have a job or continue your education during these nine to twelve months.

Listen, trust, and grow in the way of St. Benedict as you pray, reflect, study and work with us during a year of novitiate and see if it feels right for you.

Give your heart, all that you have and are, to the Lord through your temporary monastic profession. Then through your ministry find ways to share what God has revealed to you.

Say it's for life when you make your perpetual monastic profession after three or more years of temporary commitment.

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