Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may he bring us all to life everlasting.

    - Chapter 72 of the Rule of St. Benedict
Benedictine spirituality invites all to:

  • Seek God in all things
  • Ponder the Scriptures
  • Listen with the heart
  • Reverence all people
  • Care for the earth
  • Lead a balanced life
  • Learn from the wise
Spirituality Programs can be arranged for teens, young adults, adults, and senior citizens. These include:

  • Individual retreats
  • Small group retreats
  • Personal growth workshops
  • Spiritual direction
  • Counseling

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The Benedictine Sisters of St. Martin Monastery invite you to deepen the spiritual dimension of your life in an atmosphere of natural beauty, solitude and restful quiet.

  • Find refreshment and renewal of heart, mind and body
  • Become aware of the action of the spirit of God in your life
  • Become more responsive to the promises and challenges of the Christian life.
St. Martin Monastery
1851 City Spring Road
Rapid City, SD 57702-9602
(605) 343-8011

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